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"START 2" starter and charger

The device starter and charger is designed for 12V car battery charging and starting the passenger car engine either in the cold season or when the battery is discharged.

It is a portable device in a metal housing.

The device comprises a power transformer, Graetz rectifier, charge current thyristor regulator and its monitor, an arrangement of the automatic switching to START mode upon actuating the car starter with the ignition key.

starter and charger

On a photo: starter and charger

The device starter and charger features incorrect battery polarity and the START mode indication. Primary circuit fuse protects the device from current overload.

Two modes of operation are possible:

Mode I - car engine start up with at least 90 A current. In this mode the car the battery should be used concurrent with the starter device. This type engine start up is mainly practiced in the cold season, when the engine is not warmed up, which prevents battery damage at high discharge current.

Mode II - continuously manually adjustable battery charging. The charge current is adjusted in the range from 0 to 8A. Charge current maximum possible value is determined by the mains voltage and the depth of battery discharge.

The device requires AC mains power supply, 220V, 50Hz. It consumes no more than 80VA at no load conditions. Its overall dimensions are 180x145x310 mm. Its weight is no more than 12 kg. It can be operated in from -40 to +40 C temperature range and at no more than 98% relative humidity.

The device guaranteed life is 18 months from the date of purchase.

Specifications starter and charger

Power supply:
Mains voltage, V AC220
Mains frequency, Hz50
Power consumption, VA, no more(at no load conditions)80
Overall dimensions, mm180x145x310
Operating temperature range, C-40 to +40
Relative humidity, %98
Guaranteed service life, months (from the date of purchase)18