Enterprise UEIP production

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Catalogue of state uranium isotopic standards
Standard samples of isotope structure of uranium
 MTI-350g mass spectrometer for uranium hexafluoride isotope analysis
Storage batteries
 10hkm- 40ct alkaline nickel-cadmium battery
 Sealed nickel-cadmium cylindrical rechargeable single cell
 Nickel - hydrogen storage battery (nhsb) 21hb-7
 Nickel - hydrogen storage battery (nhsb) 18HB-80
 Aviation nickel-cadmium the type battery 20NKBN-25D*-UZ
 Aviation nickel-kadmievaja the storage battery 20NKBN-25-U3
 Aviation nickel-CADMIUM the battery 20NKM-30 production UEIP
Automotive Emission Catalyst Units Production Facility
 Factory automobile catalysts
Photon fuel cell generator for the space system "BURAN"
Filters for clearing of compressed air, carbonic gas and steam
 Preparation of is sterile pure air
 Filters for preliminary clearing of gases of aerosols of oil, a moisture and mechanical impurity
 Filters for thin clearing of gases of oil, a moisture and mechanical impurities
 Filters for sterilising clearing of gases
 Filters for clearing of steam of mechanical impurity
Filters of thin clearing of gases
 Not folding filters
  Filter MKF-10
  Filter MKF-40
  Filter MKF-140
  Filter MKF-280
 Replaceable filtrating devices
  Device filtrating 0.30 TU 58.284-82
  Device filtrating DF 0.75 TU 58.284-82
  Device filtrating eK7.062.709
  Device filtrating eK7.062.715
  Device filtering eK7.062.715-01
  Device filtrating eK7.062.715-02
  Device filtrating eK7.062.715-03
Filters and filtering elements (catalogue)
Nickel powders and strips
 Nickel powders
 Nickel - oxide electrodes
 Nickel strips
Special-purpose industrial struments
 Oxygen magnetothermal analyser
 Digital micromanometer
 Optical micromanometer OM 6, OM 7, OM 8
 Alpha rays radiometer
 "START 2" starter and charger
 Device of a radiation control of the personnel the ALPHA-K
Autoclaves for the containers with uranium production
Equipment for milk and food industry
 Soft ice-cream freezers
 Cheese Mass Processing Machine
 Freezer the continuous activity "FREEEZER 600"
 Wafer cup making machine
 Milk cocks
 Filter for Ice-cream Mixture
Углепластиковые лыжные палки